R. Moldova under hybrid attack by Russia. Ukraine has warned in 2022 of a situation where the Russian FSB will try to overthrow the pro-European government.

Republic of Moldova: Protests organized by the pro-Russian political formation party Şor in Chisinau. Photo: Ilan Shor, @OfficialFacebook

The Republic of Moldova is increasingly resisting a massive hybrid attack by the Russian Federation. The Federal Security Service (FSB) is behind the protests in Chisinau and the attempt to overthrow the pro-European government.

Anatole Salaru, who was the defense minister in the Republic of Moldova in 2016, says that Bessarabia has been under a hybrid attack that has been ongoing since 1991 and has now been dangerously accelerated in the context of the war in Ukraine.

During the program Euro-Atlantic mission Broadcasted through the portal Defense RomaniaŞalaru criticized the timid manner in which the current administrator handled the crisis at the beginning of the invasion and drew attention to the danger of overthrowing the Russian Federation government and imposing a puppet administrator.

Since the summer of 2022, Ukrainians have noticed, the Moldovan official said, that Russian services are preparing the scenario of overthrowing the government in Chisinau by organizing protests.

2. Maia Sandu... (maia-sandu_64758100.jpg)

Mia Sandu is the President of the Republic of Moldova. Photo Source: Maia Sandu Facebook

We remind you that since September, large-scale anti-government protests have been periodically organized in Chisinau against the background of the real problems facing the Republic of Moldova, namely the energy crisis and rising food prices.

However, the protests were organized by Partidul Şor, a populist pro-Russian organization led by Ilan Shor, a controversial figure convicted in 2017 of stealing a billion dollars from Moldovan banks in 2014.

“During my visit to Kyiv this summer, I had meetings with very influential people, and I was told that they had information that an attempt to overthrow the government by mass protests was being prepared in the autumn. The aim of the Russian services was to overthrow the government and install a pro-Russian puppet government in Chisinau. A well-tried scenario.” , Anatole Salaru says.

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“I made this information public then. “Of course those from Kiev informed those from Chisinau,” the former minister added.

Asked if the FSB is betting on Ilan and his party amid Igor Dodan’s election defeat and numerous legal problems, Anatole Talaru says the FSB is betting on many people and “putting too many eggs in different nests. In Chisinau”.

“The FSB is not stupid enough to bet on anyone. And bet. Dodon is off the books, he doesn’t have the qualifications to be the head of a Russian-backed opposition party, so they brought back Ilan Şor. Şor has problems with his criminal files and his accounts in Israel and elsewhere have been blocked. When they found out, they brought Renato Usatii back to politics. And on the stage, the current mayor of Chisinau (no – Ion Seban) is rated at 48% of the polls leaving the PSRM, and it is not excluded that he is “elected”. The FSB has laid many eggs in various nests in Chisinau. It is very possible that the FSB will start promoting a new leader,” concluded the former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova.

NATO R. Watch the full EuroAtlantic Objective program where Anatole Dalaru examines the road to Moldova, its neutrality, Russia’s threat of war and Chisinau’s fear of Russian imperialism.

The services of the Republic of Moldova confirm attempts to destabilize the country

In November 2022, the head of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS), Alexandru Musteaţă, announced that analyzes carried out by the SIS had identified destabilization efforts in the Republic of Moldova.

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“We observe attempts to destabilize the situation at the political level. There are more attempts to promote certain ideas and institutions aimed at changing the government to distort the socio-political situation in the country”, said Musteda, as quoted by Agerpres. He stressed at the time that the agency he leads is monitoring the situation alongside the police to avoid a potential coup or destabilization that could lead to a “violent change of government.”

On the security risks, Alexandru Musteaţă emphasized the problem of disinformation, indicating that more and more fake news is being spread.

Since September 2022, the Shore Party has been holding protests in the center of Chisinau. The organization, led by Vice President Ilan Shor, who is under criminal investigation for corruption, is demanding the resignation of President Mia Sandu and her government. Earlier, the demonstration was joined by representatives of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova and the leader of the ‘At Home We Build Europe’ party, Giorke Gavkaliuk.

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