A day after Putin’s visit to Ukraine, Zelensky visited Ukrainian troops on the front lines.

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Zelensky visited Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka. Photo: president.gov.ua/

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visited Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine today, his office announced, as cited by Sky News and The Guardian.

The President of Ukraine heard the reports of the military commanders about the situation on the battlefield and presented awards to the soldiers, according to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

“I am honored to be here today to thank you for your service in protecting our land, Ukraine and our families,” Zelensky said.

Avdiivka has been a major battleground between Russian-backed forces and Ukrainian militias since 2015.

It was also the site of the 2017 Battle of Avdivka, which saw the city destroyed.

When Russia officially launched its invasion of Ukraine, Avdiivka was one of its main targets.

On March 13, Russian forces bombed a coke factory in Avdiivka, and on March 25, the commander of the Azov Battalion, Artem Murakhovsky, was reported killed in Avdiivka.

Zelenskiy’s front-line visit comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly visited areas illegally annexed by Russia.

Vladimir Putin is visiting the sites of his “murders” in Ukraine, after the Kremlin announced Tuesday the Russian president’s surprise visit to the occupied territories of southern and eastern Ukraine, drawing condemnation from Kiev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday visited the headquarters of two factions of troops fighting in the Ukrainian regions of Kherson (south) and Luhansk (east), which were annexed by Russia last September, where he was briefed on the situation on the southern and eastern fronts. Kremlin, quoted by EFE.

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“The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation visited the headquarters of the group “Dnibr” (“Nibru”) at the direction of Kherson, the Russian president said in a laconic statement on his website about Putin’s first visit to the region during the nearly 14-month military campaign in Ukraine.

Russian troops only partially control the Kherson region, withdrawing from a third of the northern region last November. Putin also visited Mariupol in eastern Donetsk region on March 19.

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