Zhelensky’s message on Victory Day in Europe: We will deal with the winter that began on February 24. The Ukrainian sun will melt it

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany, a moment marked by the President of Ukraine. Evil has returned to Europe, according to Volodymyr Zhelensky, whose country is now on the brink of a new large-scale conflict, the biggest since the end of the world catastrophe.

“Could there be a black and white spring? Could it be a continuous February? Unfortunately, Ukraine knows the answers to these questions. Unfortunately, the answer is” yes “.

On May 8, the whole civilized world, along with those who defended this world from Nazism in World War II, is honored. This year, we say “never again” in a different way. We hear “never again” differently. Painful, horrible sounds. No exclamation point, but a question. Now we say, “Never again?” Tell it to Ukraine. On February 24, the word “never” disappeared. Imagine going to bed in this apartment. They greeted each other “good night”, turned off the light and hugged their loved ones. But within hours they awoke to the sound of gunfire. The others never woke up.

Our cities, which faced unforgettable, terrible occupation even after 80 years, have once again become the target of invaders. Decades after World War II, darkness returned to Ukraine, and everything turned black and white again. Again! Evil returned. Again! I did not last even a century.

“Never again!” The phrase it lasted only 77 years. Despite the new mask worn by the beast, other parts of the world recognize it because they remember what their ancestors fought for. We will break the winter, which starts on February 24th and lasts until May 8th. It will end, because the Ukrainian sun will melt it! Our flag will fly again in the temporarily occupied cities. We will be together again, there will be peace! Finally again! No more black-and-white dreams, only one, yellow-blue! Finally, again! Volodymyr Zhelensky said in his video message.

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