A domestic company that manufactures complete metal roofing systems has expanded to 22 European countries

Over the years, the approach to roofing has changed significantly. Now it’s not just about safety, aesthetics or longevity play a significant role in the decision. Of course, you don’t think that economic and social evolution around the world can be seen by the types, models and colors of roofs used. They have continuously evolved as key drivers of construction technology, climatic conditions and weather events, the process of population migration, housing renovation and development and, of course, increasing access to finance that has allowed change and development. An architectural style that appeals to increasingly complex quality and aesthetic demands.

From local to internationalPhoto: Bravo International Team

This evolution has occurred over time, and metal roofing systems have adapted better to changes and responded better to new needs.

ProfessionalsBravo International Group They have witnessed and contributed to all these evolutions during the company’s two decades of operation. Originally known as Bravo International, the company started as a small distribution company and today has grown into a multinational company with subsidiaries in 4 countries, representative offices in 7 countries and a presence in 22 markets across Europe. Yes, Romania also has its multinational companies. And Bravo International Group One of them.

From local to international

Bravo International Group Established in 2001 as a metal tile distribution and installation company. The first and most important step since the beginning of the company’s 20-year history was the introduction of metal tiles into the “Do it yourself” (DIY – nr) sales network. Until then, DIY chains did not sell this type of product.

In 2005, the first factory was born, and by 2009, Bravo International Group In Romania, it managed to establish itself as the market leader. The economic crisis at that time affected the construction market, and the management of the company at that time decided to adopt a different business model. He signed the first international contract with one of the largest networks of DIY stores in Europe, which allowed him to access not only the retailer’s network in Romania, but also other markets.

“The first outdoor test was in the Czech Republic. At first, we got a small test site. There was hesitation about Romanian companies, and DIYers had no experience with these products. To the surprise of the DIY partners, the test was successful. From the Czech Republic, the European expansion to Austria, Then continued in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland and Luxembourg. In 2011, as we already had a strong business in the region, it was decided to establish a subsidiary in the Czech Republic, which initially served as a logistics base, and later opened a production facility there as well.

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In 2013, the entry into the Austrian Investment Fund came with important support for the continuation of international growth. The management of the entire business was the responsibility of its founder and CEO, Adrian Minusha Bravo International Group and his team.

“Today, we are present in 22 European countries, with 3 factories: one in Fundulia – in A2, a factory in Bremberg, Germany and one – in Ivancice in Brnave, Czech Republic,” explains Group Marketing Director Razvan Diakonu. Bravo International Group.

In Romania, an important step was in 2009, when the company invested in the construction of a new factory, equipped with the most modern production equipment.

“The technology chosen is Finnish technology recognized worldwide for reliability and quality,” said managing director Ona Enache. Bravo International Group – Romania.

Every year, the company invested in improving its production capabilities, reaching 12,000 square meters and 37 production lines in Romania alone by 2022.

Last year, a photovoltaic panel system, invested from own funds, became operational in Fundulia. Thus, in March of this year, more than 50% of the factory’s electricity consumption was covered by renewable resources, and the surplus was supplied to the national electricity network, making the company a profit.

Premium and affordable roofing solutions

The range of tiles manufactured by the Bravo International Group caters to the preferences of the buyers – from the affordable “SMART-Cover Solution” to the premium. Belprofile. Răzvan Diacon, Group Marketing Director, Răzvan Diacnu notes that when choosing a roof, the first criterion is an emotional one related to aesthetics and brand reputation: you must like how it looks and have heard of the supplier. Are you interested in technical specifications?

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“Customer preferences have changed significantly in recent years. In 2015, we had one or two models of metal tiles, with one or two types of finishes and limited color assortments, today Bravo International Group Contains 9 models of metal tiles and more than 100 assortments based on color, thickness and coating type. We have the largest assortment in Romania in terms of metal enclosures,” confirms Ona Enache.

How do you prove you’re trustworthy?

It is not easy for a Romanian company to penetrate the European market. The main struggle is to gain the trust of the Western partners.

“It was a big hurdle to prove to people outside the country that Romania could offer a trust. At that time, Romanian companies did not have a good reputation in Europe and were not considered capable of ensuring continuity in production, distribution, quality and price. Basically, be a reliable partner. We have succeeded in this. , that’s why we’ve reached 22 countries: any business relies on partners who provide security, don’t compromise on quality and ensure top-level partnerships. We’ve succeeded,” said Group Marketing Director Raswan Diakonu. Bravo International Group.

The Romanian company’s plans did not stop there.

“At the moment we are involved in an investment project in France, where we are building a production unit, and in the coming years we want to expand in Northern Europe, where the company has already made its mark. Direction is essential. There are markets that are very difficult to penetrate, but our goal is to cover the entire continent.

We are not neglecting Romania either, “we will focus better on regional coverage in building material warehouses, residential projects and improving logistics services. Things are good and we will make our presence felt more and more”, concludes Ona Enache.

Also, the company is preparing to bring eROCCA to the Romanian market – a brand dedicated to energetically active roofs – to offer a premium and viable solution to consumers who want to produce green energy or achieve energy independence.

A natural result

Romania looks beautiful on a European scale with every roof built with the company’s solutions Bravo International Group, and this is an additional reason for pride for each of us. Romania looks beautiful not only at the local level with customized solutions, but also with the aesthetics offered by the Romanian company, which aims for continuous growth in its 22 years of experience.

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Bravo International Group in Statistics

The company has three ultra-modern factories (Romania, Germany, Czech Republic) and 7 representative offices (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Holland, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) and is considered one of the main suppliers at the European level.

Bravo International Group Serving 22 markets and more than 2,500 points of sale in Europe.

Bravo International Group It has an extensive portfolio of brands including: Belprofile – Premium Plus brand, dedicated to professionals, Eroca – brand dedicated to energy efficient roofs and smart-Cover Solution – Brand dedicated to DIY sections and building material warehouses.

The Group’s turnover is currently over 100 million euros.

Offer Bravo International Group Includes all segments – premium, mass market and budget, in two directions: commercial line (metal and plastic products for coating, plating) and professional line (professional metal coating solutions, intended for construction, renovation or rehabilitation projects).

The company develops, manufactures and supplies customized sales concepts, systems and products for the DIY and warehouse market”smart-COVER solution”- intelligent solution for partners and customers.

Chronological Path of European Conquest

2001 – The year the story of Bravo International began.

2002 – appeared belprofil, The first brand of the Romanian company.

2003 – Entered the DIY market, for those who wanted to complete their projects themselves.

2007 – Bravo International begins production at its first own factory.

2009 – Fundulia factory modernized and expanded.

2011 – Bravo International’s first subsidiary appears in the Czech Republic.

2015 – Production begins at a second factory in the Czech Republic.

2016 – Bravo Germany founded.

2018 – eROCCA, a premium brand Bravo International Group.

2022 – A new subsidiary, Bravo France, appears in the group.

2023 – Romanian company present in 22 European countries.

Article provided by Bravo International Group

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