A member of the Kremlin guard managed to leave Russia and is now revealing details about Putin’s health and secret life

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Profimedia Images

Gleb Karakulov, the official responsible for delivering encrypted communications to President Vladimir Putin, managed to flee Russia and is now revealing details about the Kremlin leader. In an interview with the Dossier Center, Karakulov said he was able to travel to Turkey with his family even during a visit to Kazakhstan with Putin in October 2022. The Moscow Times.

Gleb Karakulov served as an engineer with the rank of captain in the Presidential Communications Division of the Federal Guard Service (FSO) and accompanied Putin on more than 180 trips over the past 13 years. The unit ensured Putin and his prime minister had 24/7 encrypted communications.

Karagulov fled to Turkey with his family in mid-October 2022 when he accompanied Putin to Kazakhstan for a summit.

“I consider this man [Putin] A war criminal,” Karakulov said.

During the hour-long interview, he shared details about Putin’s habits, family and health.

Karagulov said Putin still does not use smartphones or the Internet and that Russian state television must be on when he travels abroad.

Putin fears he may be infected with Covid

He said Putin was paranoid about contracting Covid-19 three years after the pandemic began and that every employee had to be quarantined for two weeks before being in the same room as him.

“He’s been living in an information nest for the last two years,” Karakulov said. “He’s pathologically afraid of his life. He’s isolated himself from the world with all kinds of barriers — isolation, information vacuum. His view of reality is distorted.”

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However, Karakulov denied speculation that the 70-year-old leader was suffering from an undisclosed illness: “He is healthier than many people his age.”

Putin’s identical offices

He confirmed Putin’s opulent palace on the Black Sea, detailed at Alexei Navalny’s trial.

Karagulov also confirmed that Putin has identical offices in several apartments. He said he had seen Putin at his office in Sochi, while a television news report said he was holding the meeting at his residence outside Moscow, hundreds of kilometers to the north.

The document center indicated that it recorded an interview with Karakulov in late 2022 and released it on Tuesday after he and his family left Turkey and were assured of a safe haven.

Karakulov said his reservations about Russia’s leadership were first revealed by annexing Crimea in 2014 and arranging expensive trips for Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishushin.

These reserves peaked on February 24, 2022, the day Russian troops invaded Ukraine, and later on September 21 after Putin announced the mobilization of the reservists.

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