Adrian Mutt said after the Chelsea club announced their new owners: “An era is over”

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The total value of the transaction is somewhere around 4.68 billion euros, the English newspaper writes. So, the club at Stamford Bridge will have a new management, almost 20 years after Roman Abramovich ran everything.

What Adrian Muttu said after the Chelsea club announced their new owners: “An era is over”

Abramovich Adrian was one of the first footballers to be transferred to Chelsea. The current Rapid coach, who played for the London players between 2003 and 2004, believes that no matter who is in charge of the club, the team cannot disappear.

“One era is over, probably forced by the war between Russia and Ukraine. Abramovich’s era is over, another era is about to begin. I do not think a club the size of Chelsea will disappear. Even if it is run by Russia, it is good for the people of England.Adrian Pearl said during the press conference.

Chelsea have confirmed their contract with the new owner! Club Press Release

By a Official report Sent overnight from Friday to Saturday, Chelsea have confirmed a deal with a group of investors led by Todd Bohley. The British club revealed the amount of the transaction, but what they plan to do for the new leaders in the coming period.

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“The Chelsea Football Club confirms that the terms of the acquisition have been agreed to by a group of new owners led by Todd Bohley, Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter and Hansjork Wise. Will be done, as Roman Abramovich affirmed, with the aim of achieving 100% in the form of charitable donations.

Transferring money from a frozen bank account in the UK will require the approval of the UK Government. In addition, the new owners will provide 1.75 billion in additional investments for the benefit of the club.

These include investments in Stamford Bridge, the academy, the women’s football team, but also funding for the Chelsea Foundation. The sale is expected to close by the end of May, subject to all required regulatory approvals. More details will be provided at that time “, Chelsea said in an official statement.

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