Alert after dancer chokes to death while having sex with boyfriend

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Georgia Brooke Photo: Family Photo

A coroner has issued a warning after an inquest found a woman was strangled to death by her boyfriend while having sex.

Georgia Brooke, 26, was suffocated by Luke Cannon and was found dead the following day, according to the coroner’s office in Bradford, England. BBC.

Coroner Martin Fleming said it was an “unfortunate accident” and warned that sexual asphyxiation was “dangerous”.

Georgia’s mother, Samantha Beaumont, said the family had been seeking justice and now had peace.

Luke Cannon, 31, took his girlfriend to the hospital the night of the incident on February 3, 2022, but fled through a fire exit before police could speak to him, according to the investigation.

A murder case was opened, but he was found dead the next day in a forest near the city.

Friends of the couple told the court the two had an “experimental” sexual relationship and that Georgia Brooke sought pleasure through suffocation.

The messages he sent to those close to him, which came into the possession of the police, also confirmed this.

But Coroner Chris Johnson said the pressure on Georgia’s neck was too much and lasted too long. Also, while there is no evidence that Luke Cannon intended to kill his girlfriend during the incident, he used “excessive” force and she was unable to say “stop.”

The coroner also said Georgia Brooke’s death should send a “strong message” to people who are tempted to practice sex. “This type of sexual act is dangerous and irresponsible and often ends in fatal consequences.”Johnson said.

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Georgia’s mother told the inquest that her daughter, the youngest of four children, had been “excellent” in dance since the age of five and practiced various styles to a high standard. Before his death, he received a job offer in Greece, which he held in 2020.

The woman also said her daughter’s behavior changed after she started dating Luke Cannon in 2021. Although he expresses his concern, his daughter refuses to take his views into account. Samantha Beaumont said he tried to control every aspect of her life and told her what to wear or where to sit when they went out together.

But Luke Cannon’s brother Joshua is “He really cared” Georgia and it’s a “A generous man who always did his best to help people”.

“Georgia had her whole life ahead of her. Her passion for dance was her life and her true love. Georgia was 26 years old, a beautiful and talented dancer, adored and loved by her mother and entire family.”An excerpt from the mother’s statement read in court.

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