An 82-year-old woman has been arrested for not paying garbage charges. What is the damage?

An 82-year-old woman was arrested by the police in the state of Alabama in the United States of America due to the outstanding amount of garbage.

Martha Louise Menefield said she was confused when officers arrested her in handcuffs on Sunday, writes the BBC.

The amount that led to his arrest was said to be $77.8.

In a Facebook post, Valley police said they treated Ms. Menefield with respect and notified her several times that she hadn’t paid her bill in three months.

Ms Menifield has been treated with respect by our officers who have fulfilled their duties and has been released on bailValley, Alabama Police Chief Mike Reynolds said.

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The police have been criticized on social media.

Everyone involved in the arrest of this 82-year-old Valley, Alabama resident must be held accountable for their actions.Former state attorney Donald Watkins wrote in an opinion.

The elderly woman said she was stunned when police arrived at her door.

are you playing”, she asked an officer. But when the police explained to her that it was no joke, the woman was horrified:I was angry as I did not know why they came to arrest me. As soon as I was handcuffed, one of the officers whispered to me: ‘Don’t cry‘”.

She recalled replying to the officer, “How would you feel if they came and arrested your grandmother?

After his arrest, he was taken to the Valley Police Department and held temporarily before being released on bond.

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I was caged in the police station“, the woman told CBS News. “Have you put me in this cage? You should be ashamed of yourself“.

In response, the Valley’s police chief says city officials have tried to contact the elderly woman several times about the bill, but the woman says she didn’t know about the subpoena and didn’t know the bills were unpaid.

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