Break the silence

What a difference in society’s reactions to the abuses and defiance of power compared to the events of six years ago, when tens of thousands of people rallied day and night to defend justice from the attacks of Liviu Dragnea in Victory Square in early February 2017. and Sorin Grindenu, then Prime Minister, today Minister of Transport. Both came out at a press conference on February 2, 2017 and announced that they were not backing down from their plan to amend the Penal Code.

On the evening of January 31, 13/2017, the Ordinance on the Amendment of Criminal Laws, dedicated to Draknia, was voted during the Cabinet meeting, requiring the bills to be sent to Parliament in an urgent procedure. There was no ordinance on the agenda of the meeting. The exemplary street mobilization in defense of justice brought Klaus Iohannis to the streets in the famous red jacket from the first street demonstrations on January 22. OUG 13 was blocked under the hellish pressure of the street.

Six years later, the Earth’s poles were reversed. The PSD is back in power with Grindeanu and preaches integrity to the PNL in a whole process of moral decay. Imagine that we are in the Dragnea regime, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă organizes his files through the courts using a secret system so that his thesis suspected of plagiarism cannot be analyzed, Interior Minister Lucien Bode, not only accused of plagiarism. He refused to resign, but Babes Bolyai is fighting in court with the university’s ethics committee, and two pirates are being rescued from the dustbin of politics and reinstated, Sorin Kampenu as vice president in the Senate and Florin Roman as deputy in the Chamber of Deputies.

Imagine that the Minister of Justice, this time someone from the PSD, let’s say Florin Iordache instead of Cătălin Predoiu, is speaking in a criminal investigation in which he has a clear interest in securing an unmotivated appointment to the head of DIICOT. The day after announcing the false acquittal, the same justice minister meets the judge in the case. Add to this the fact that the government is doing some juggling with the list of ECHR judges and proposals on the list, what a coincidence, including the judge who is going to judge the criminal trial that the Minister of Justice is carefully following. How would the street and public opinion have reacted if all of the above, from theft to direct interference in justice to suspicion, was the work of PSD-ists?

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Today, pleaser The seven member organizations of the “Citizen NGOs” group have published an open letter demanding the “immediate” resignation of Minister Katelin Bratoiu. According to a press release. NGOs say, “Justice Minister Mr. Cătălin Predoiu, in a corruption file under discussion in court”, refers to the file of the husband of the former head of DIICOT, Giorgiana Hosu.

Six years ago there were protests, rallies, revolution, all for justice, with thugs in government, etc. Today there was only profound silence on all the above subjects. Society is a media hypnotized by a press bought by the PNL and PSD with money received as a subsidy from the state budget. The scandal created by Justice Minister Cătălin Predoiu, who is suspected of meddling in a corruption case under court debate, was not on any news channel except B1TV and on any other website except, which exposed the case. Detail.

Media barrage also works in plagiarism cases. In short, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, and power in general benefit from unprecedented media protection since 89. Much of the media is voluntary, not due to pressure or threats. A game of power, a real protection fee for the millions of euros billed monthly at big parties.

Apart from the fact that the big scandals screened in the media do not reach the public, or do not reach them as easily, the society is tormented by problems and fears bigger than the internal problems of a government: inflation, energy bills. , the war in Ukraine, the health crisis I just came out of. It is taking up people’s time now, and the struggle for justice, democracy or principles seems to be a fad.

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Then, another essential: lack of perspective. Taking to the streets for whom? The major parties have joined hands to form the government. Mortal enemies until two or three years ago, the PNL and PSD shared billions from the EU and national budgets. The line between power and opposition has been blurred. The red jacket makes a good home with the “red plague” today. The USR is struggling below the 10% threshold and faces an apparent leadership crisis. Only the extremists and populists of the AUR, a party deeply damaging to democracy with an anti-Western and anti-EU agenda, are profiting from the general confusion.

So, who should you hit the streets for? Who to fight for and why? In whose name? A general state of apathy in society reigns precisely because there are no boundaries. Everyone is disgusted by their job, small business, personal life, opposition to the top of the state, and the ever lower standards of politics and administration. This chain of indifference and political frustrations has weakened active citizens, turning Romanian society into a formless mass of survivors, busy identifying individual solutions. We can understand why it came here. People are tired of anything. But this is not a long-term solution.

In 2017, mass mobilization in the streets saved Romanian democracy from a guaranteed disaster. Then not only the fate of Draknia was at play, but the future of a country. Today we could be a country in the hands of a group of criminals removed from the Western orbit like Hungary or Turkey. And today, more than ever, awareness of civic consciousness is needed. If you reject thieves in government and politics, protect justice from brutal interventions and behind-the-scenes games, demand high standards in government and parties, do it not in the name of another party, but in the name of yourself and your children. You know very well that individual solution is not a solution, a nation is built everyday and the struggle for democracy never ends.

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Break the silence. Break free from hypnosis induced by television news. Look at the reality around you with a clear mind, overcome your Lahamia, rise from the paralysis and do anything but break the silence that will one day bury you too. Democracy provides many tools to hold power accountable. Refuse to be complicit in fraud, corruption and career shortcuts. Think and resign and come out. It won’t do you any good.

What will you say when your children ask you: How did you accept, why did you agree, and what did you do to improve us? Nothing, I sat on my chest with the fear of tomorrow, otherwise I did nothing. I hate worrying about your future.

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