Cardi B Rocks Sexy Marge Simpson Costume for Halloween

We just need to hear her say, “Oh, Homie!”

Cardi B reinforced itself as a Music An icon, but now she’s ready to gain some fame for her dedication to fashion Globalism.

The “Tomorrow 2” singer literally went with her Halloween costume This year, posing as Marge Simpson’s super sexy Instagram photo. And while calling the iconic cartoon character “sexy” sounds wrong, everything about Cardi’s outfit looks good.

The award-winning rapper shared a slew of photos on the social media platform earlier today, October 31, and we’re not sure how anyone else is supposed to compete with her – especially Lizowho also wore a Marge costume this year.

In the First set of photosCardi painted herself yellow, wore a kiwi green corset, a red pump, and a matching necklace, and tied a blue wig to her head. While celebrities recreated some scenes from The SimpsonsShe also made sure to include her legacy in every photo.

In the first photo, Cardi’s flick Grammy And the third prize is a copy of its record for the year 2018. privacy violation It was neatly tucked away in the background. Besides her tattoos, Cardi’s tongue and her famous laugh featured – lest we forget who the real star of the show is.

in second job Shared by the 30-year-old, Cardi gave fans a “Mugler-inspired” version of Marge, a reference to the late French fashion designer. Thierry Mugler who was known for his weird and wonderful designs.

In the photos, Cardi wore an elegant black and white gown with a crystal slit back. By showing off her curves and modeling abilities, the singer recreated the 2013 version of Marge that was initially painted by the contemporary pop artist. Alexandro Palumbo.

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Her fans couldn’t get enough of the costumes, and many spoke to the comments telling her how much they loved the looks.

The choreographer shouted “ATEEEEE” Sean Bankheadwhile a celebrity makeup artist Norvina Later added, “loveeeeeee🔥🔥🔥”.

“Oh I won Halloween On G,” another follower announced.

Or as Marge Simpson says, “Well, oh, Homie!”

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