Cell phones, table tennis and haircuts are among the perks of New York City immigrants

Thousands of immigrants who illegally crossed the southern border of the United States recently have claimed asylum Lots of free perks in New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams – warned that the Biden administration’s border policies could cost the city more than Billion dollar because of the flow – The White House begged to help the Big Apple bear the burden, to no avail.

Here are some of the benefits that come with being an asylum seeker in the Big Apple.

Courtesy of the city:

  • Accommodation, including rooms At the three-star Watson, $300 a night In the heart of Manhattan, with private bathroom and shower, or communal living for single men at the newly opened Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.

Staying at the luxurious 3-star Watson Hotel is free for New York City immigrants.
Eric Bendzic/Shutterstock
  • Three hot meals a day, including rice, meat, beans and “snacks between meals like cookies,” an immigrant at the station told The Post on Tuesday.
  • Transportation, including free daily MetroCards valid for two rides From sites like Watson. At Brooklyn’s more secluded station, there’s a free bus that serves downtown Barclays Center, and everyone gets a round-trip daily ferry ticket.
RK - JANUARY 30: Migrants snatch donated supplies while camping in front of the Watson Hotel after being evicted.

Migrants take donated supplies while camping in front of the Watson Hotel after being evicted.

Migrants camp outside the Watson Hotel.

Many of the immigrants camped outside the Watson Hotel after being rejected from their less luxurious accommodations.


Chicken with pinto beans and black rice.

Food for immigrants is free from the city.


  • Recreation at the station includes ping-pong tables, five large-screen TVs and a treadmill, as well as access to free international calling and WiFi. At the city’s former facility on Randall’s Island, there were Xboxes provided by the city.
  • Medicare, which the city says includes “urgent care services and subscription health coverage.” City officials declined to elaborate.
  • Teaching immigrant children in the city’s public schools.

Courtesy of Private Collections:

  • Free cell phones through private giveaways.
  • Free haircuts sometimes at places like Watson’s.
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