Central Notes: Ivy, Pistons, Ibaka, Pacers

as such pistons non-veteran Jaden Ivy Gearing up for his first summer league experience, he’s already focused on the long-term question of how he’ll integrate with a new partner in the backcourt. Kid CunninghamWrites Amari Sankova II of the Detroit Free Press. Cunningham may not play much, if any, in Las Vegas, but he is on the list along with all of Detroit’s recent picks and has been in coaching.

“I’m just trying to learn, more importantly, what he (Cunningham) is going for and how I can help make the most of his game,” Ivy said. “We’re just there for each other. We’re still in progress, still learning. We won’t get it on the same day, so it’s going to take some practice to get used to. I feel as a team, we’re getting together and trying to build something here. Continue to work as partners.

Ivy has speed and blast to make him a game-changer when attacking. The Pistons want him to take advantage of his athletic fitness and 6’9 wing span to be a difference-maker in defense as well.

“Practically speaking, I feel really aggressive,” Ivy said. “Just that Pistons mentality, the Bad Boys mentality that you go in there every day and come back on the defensive end. I feel like I’ve really improved in that aspect.”

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