Debate in Parliament on Legalization of Medicinal Cannabis. “Helps take away the pain”/ “The Roman Empire Runs After Witches”

The Romanian Parliament debated the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes today. An international conference was organized in which experts from Great Britain and Germany participated. This is in the context of the German government recently deciding to legalize cannabis for personal use. In our case, the main argument is that the plant relieves pain and helps in cases of anxiety. However, not everyone there agreed with the change in Romanian law.

Alexandra Cârstea, President “Victoria Mia” Association: “Throughout my mother’s suffering, she was helped by medical cannabis“.

Adrienne Strainu Cercel, Chair of the Senate Health Committee: “Cannabis doesn’t cure, let’s get straight to this story. It does not shrink tumors. Don’t do any of these things“.

Liviu Mihaiu: “Hemp heals, Mr. Strainu Sercel. In Romania we have one million five hundred thousand cannabis smokers. I mean, do you know how many votes?“.

Christian Goisesi, sociologist: “The Romanian government is running after witches, targeting the criminal code and the enormous evidence against the people, treating them as criminals instead of treating them as victims and patients.“.

The Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies organized a conference where the benefits of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes were discussed. Proponents say the plant may help patients with severe pain, anxiety and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, which has recently gained momentum in Europe. For example, Germany and Italy are discussing legalizing recreational cannabis, after Malta and Luxembourg have already taken this decision.

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Alexandra Cârstea, President “Victoria Mia” Association: “I was able to keep my mother by my side for another 5 years, although the medicine only spoke for a few months. Opioids were switched“.

Christian Goisesi, sociologist: “In general, Romanians view medicinal cannabis favorably“.

Mike Barnes, neurologist: “It does not cure diseases. Instead, it helps relieve the symptoms of many conditions. The main benefit is pain relief, more effective than opioids. Second, it helps with anxiety“.

Christina Dumitrach, Deputy: “Imagine a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Medicinal cannabis helps with chemotherapy morbidity and improves the patient’s quality of life. It helps in the treatment of pain in epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.“.

The debate is based on a bill presented in 2019, currently blocked in the Chamber of Deputies, that would allow the administration of cannabis with a doctor’s prescription.

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