The Secret Service says the Kremlin was behind the attack on the Nobel laureate

The U.S. government has determined that Russian intelligence is behind the attack on Novaia Gazeta’s editor-in-chief and Nobel Peace Prize laureate journalist Dmitry Muradov. Who is inside.

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Muradov, 60, Announced On April 7, he was attacked by paint and acetone by an unidentified person in a train car.

“They hit me with acetone oil paint on the box. My eyes were burning terribly. A train from Moscow to Samara. The whole car smelled of oil. It was already 30 minutes late for departure. I would try to wash myself,” journalist Nova Geseta told the Telegram channel.

Dmitry Muradov said that before the attack, the attacker shouted at them, “Muradov, here is something for our boys.”

The United States says the Kremlin was behind the attack on the Nobel laureate

Washington Post An anonymous U.S. intelligence official was quoted on Thursday as saying that US services had determined that Russia’s Kremlin-controlled intelligence services were behind the attack on Dmitry Muradov.

“The United States has confirmed that Dmitry Muradov, the editor-in-chief of the Novaya Gazeta, was attacked by Russian intelligence on April 7, when he was sprayed with red paint containing acetone,” a Washington Post official told reporters.

To Murado And provided Last year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, won in Russia and the Philippines for their “courageous struggle for freedom of expression.”

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The Russian journalist was honored for his work at the Novaya Gazette, which he founded in 1993, which is notable for promoting democratic values ​​and freedom of expression in Russia despite the severe repression of the Russian press.

Dmitry Muradov presented his Nobel Medal

Russia’s largest independent newspaper, the Novaia Gazeta, announced on March 28 that Moscow authorities had shut down media channels under its control following the invasion of Ukraine. Stops its operation Until the war is over.

The newspaper management made this decision after receiving many Warnings Roskomnadzor, the Russian media watchdog, has been accused of violating the law on “foreign agents” in its articles.

However, Novaia Gazeta remained silent on the April 12 investigation into the attack on its editor-in-chief, claiming that she had been attacked by 41-year-old Russian nationalist Nikolai Trifonov.

Journalists from the Novaya Gazette were able to identify the man by a photo taken by Muradov before fleeing after the attack.

Novaya also wrote that the second person who filmed the incident was arrested the next day. His video was recorded on the Telegram channel “Union of Skydivers Z” and he said, “We will all come after you, be patient !!!” Published with the message.

Dmitry Muradov announced on March 22 Donation Received the Nobel Prize for bidding for Ukrainian refugees.

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