Direct renewal war in Ukraine, day 77. Zhelensky: With each new atrocity, the desire and possibility of bargaining disappears

A group of wives of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov regiment met with Pope Francis in Rome on Wednesday and asked them to intervene.To save lives“These soldiers, who have been fighting for weeks at the Azovstal steel plant bombed by the Russian army in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, have informed the AFP.

I told him to come to Ukraine, (Russian President Vladimir) to talk to Putin and say ‘let them go’.Katrina Prokopenko, wife of Denis Prokopenko, one of the leaders of the Azov regiment, told reporters.

The meeting that the women say lasted “About five minutes“, Took place in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican after a public view of the Sovereign Pope.

We hope this meeting will save their lives. Pope, we are ready for the action of his delegationShe added.

700 of our soldiers were wounded, they suffered from hernias, were mutilated (…) many of them died, and I told the Pope that I could not bury them.29-year-old Yulia Fedoziu said.

I asked the Pope to help them, to act as a third party in this war and to allow them to escape on a humanitarian route. He said he would pray for us and do everything he couldShe added.Terrible conditions“Right there,”Without water, without food, without medical equipment”.

They said they feared soldiers would be captured, tortured and killed by Russian forces.

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