Discovery of the Kiev army against Russian forces

After a ten-week war between unequal forces, the balance of power intensifies the conflict between David and Goliath. Ukraine inflicted a humiliating tactical and symbolic defeat on Russia by destroying a dozen military equipment on Snake Island off the Black Sea, 35 km off the coast of Ukraine, between April 30 and May 8. The worldQuoted by Radar.

Russian helicopter pilot attacked by drone from Snake IslandPhoto: Twitter Capture

On the first day of the Russian invasion, this small island of 0.17 km2 was a scene of celebrated protests throughout Ukraine. On February 24, the Moscow ship and patrol vessel Vasily Pykov threatened to bomb the island.

The commander of the Moskva cruiser called on the Ukrainian Coast Guard to surrender immediately: “I urge you to lay down your arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary deaths.” Otherwise, you will be bombed.

Roman Kribov, head of the Ukrainian Coast Guard, responded at the time: “Russian warship, go …”The sentence that became the slogan of the war against the Russian occupation.

The island is unusable by the Russian Navy

The island was bombed and all Ukrainian soldiers were captured. But what followed was catastrophic for the Russian navy.

The Moscow ship sank on April 14 In an attack with two Ukrainian missiles, the radars of the Russian ship were destroyed by a pirate drone.

Since April 30, the five anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense batteries installed on the island by the Russian military are the same Turkish-made drones that have been continuously destroyed.

In the same range, Four Raptor landing ships were destroyed. As well as landing craft (Cherna class). On May 7, two Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets attacked Russian-occupied buildings as the island’s air defenses were destroyed.

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Destroyed by Russian ship Raptor, Pyrrh Photo: Facebook Capture

Further,The next day a helicopter was destroyed by a pirate drone Carry the Mi-8 when Russian troops land on the island, apparently responsible for organizing its evacuation.

Since it could not be recaptured by Ukraine, Snake Island seems unlikely to be used by the Russian navy, which initially included it in a device to protect the Ukrainian naval siege.

The chapter highlights two facts: Russia cannot repel enemy aircraft from the skies of southern Ukraine; Ukrainian warplanes have not been destroyed, contrary to repeated reports by the Russian Defense Ministry two months ago.

The agility and courage of the Ukrainian Air Force, ten times greater than its rival, had already emerged at the dawn of April 1st.

Two Mi-24 helicopters flew close to the ground, then infiltrated enemy air defenses and destroyed a fuel depot 40 km from the Russian border. Several videos showed both planes returning smoothly to Ukrainian territory.

Drone in support of artillery

The Ukrainian armed forces are trying to creatively compensate for their numerical and technological inferiority, especially By using cheap drones to help the cannons.

A source in Aerosvitka, a military unit specializing in the use of spy and attack drones, told Le Monde how they could be effective even after Russia’s powerful congestion systems.

“Real-time transfer of GPS coordinates of the moving target to the guns is often impossible due to enemy congestion, which distorts all data. Instead, we pre-establish coordinates of the points where the targets pass, and the drone only provides real-time visual confirmation of the passage to our cannons,” the source told us.

Because Russian armored columns are basically limited to roads, intersections can be predicted.

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Drone guiding artillery attacks

Another innovation is software that integrates the use of different types of weapons to focus on a given target.

Called the “GIS Art for Artillery”, the computer program was developed by Ukrainian Yaroslav Sherstiuk and assigned targets to nearby weapons, motors, rocket launchers or drones. A kind of “Uber for artillery” summarizes Trent Telenko, a former U.S. Department of Defense employee, on his Twitter feed.

Russian military theory calls for the accumulation of artillery at a given location in the form of batteries, while the software allows Ukrainian forces to spread their weapons on several levels. GIS allows more movement and reduces the risk of battery fire because it is more difficult to detect and attack scattered conditions.

According to its developers, the program with GPS laser systems allows spy teams to target targets in seconds. However, it is currently difficult to quantify the extent to which this project is being used by the Ukrainian military.

Russian commanders were killed in the war

The efficiency of an army is measured by the damage it does to its enemy. From February 24, Ukraine has eliminated eight to ten Russian generals. He told Lt. Gen. Scott Perry, head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Service, before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. lists the names of seven Russian generals and seventeen senior officials killed since February 24. Record that problems in the Russian military hierarchy forced a section of the High Command to move forward.

These casualties indicate that the Ukrainian military has the most accurate information from the US military, which allows it to strike at the right time and place.

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General Andrei SimonovKilled in the front

Russia’s Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov is said to have miraculously escaped the bombing of the ISIS command center, where operations were carried out in Donbass, killing at least 200 people.

On the ground, Russian forces are losing ground in the Kharkov region, where they are retreating to their borders. There was no improvement in the southern part of the 900 km front. On the other hand, the lines begin to move in the Donbass, which is a strategic priority shown by Moscow.

Over the past five days, Russian attacks in the north and east of the region have gained momentum and depth after a month-long stagnation. On May 8, the city of Bopasna (20,000 people before the battle) fell into the hands of the attackers.

On Monday, Russian troops crossed the Donetsk River for the first time in a makeshift pontoon west of Lisikansk / Severodonetsk under threat of siege.

“We are now facing very experienced and talented Russian soldiers,” a Gramadorsk army official told Le Monde anonymously. “The Russians set up their pontoon very quickly and were able to cross 60 armored vehicles in half an hour, which immediately scattered in the jungle,” he said anxiously.

Since then, the pontoon has been destroyed, but the discovery shows that Russian tactics are changing. According to Avril Hines, director of the U.S. National Intelligence Service, regional ambitions remain unchanged.

He addressed the Senate on Tuesday.Putin is preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine. And he is “determined to wage war beyond the Donbass in Transnistria.” (The world)

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