DJI’s latest drone is the $16k model for professional filmmakers

DJI unveiled its latest cutting-edge drone for today’s professional filmmakers. The Inspire 3 is a full-frame 8K cinema drone in an “ultra-portable form factor” that can be yours this summer for just $16,499.

DJI Inspire 3 includes the Zenmuse X9-8K Air Gimbal with a wide range of dynamic colors and compatibility with various lenses. Its camera system has dual native ISO for crisp low-light shots while covering over 14 stops of dynamic range to help capture highlights and shadows in sunrises and sunsets. It has tiltable and 360-degree structures. The FPV camera, optical sensors, positioning antennas, and stowage hatch are “seamlessly integrated into the airframe for a streamlined look and modern industrial aesthetic.” It can capture video in various formats, including CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes RAW.

The Waypoint Pro drone supports RTK and omni-directional sensing for accurate flight paths and improved safety. The drone has nine sensors to help detect and avoid obstacles and protect your $16.5k purchase. In addition, you can switch between horizontally and up and down obstacle sensing independently and set the range of the obstacle alert manually if the automatic function does not suit your needs. (With active avoidance off, the screen will still display incoming obstacles and beep if they’re within range.) It also has dual, smart, hot-swap TB51 batteries for up to 28 minutes of flight time and speeds up to 58.4 mph.


It uses DJI’s O3 Pro transport and control system with a range of about 9.2 miles with a single controller and up to 7.5 miles in dual control mode (one person pilots the drone and the second pilot controls the gimbal). It includes a First Person View (FPV) camera with an ultra-wide 161° field of view and night vision. The pilot has a 90ms response time in 1080p/60fps mode. Additionally, it supports 4K/30fps feeds, though this mode reduces the drone’s range to an estimated 3.1 miles.

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DJI Inspire 3 will be available “by the end of June”. If you’re a professional filmmaker with more than $16,000 to spare, you’ll get the Zenmuse X9-8K Air Gimbal Camera, RC Plus Remote Control, and other accessories. The company’s DJI Care Pro incidental protection plans are also available for an additional cost.

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