Dr. Dre talks about Eminem’s decision to kneel in the Super Bowl

A lot was said of Eminem taking his knee during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday.

Did the NFL know about this? Did Eminem do it against the wishes of the NFL? Does it matter?

Dr. Dre addressed the topic in an interview with TMZ on Monday when asked if the NFL “has any say” in the decision. gave an answer. But he did not address the question.

“There were a few things we had to change, but they were really secondary things.” Em’ took to his knee, and this was Em’ doing it alone. There was no problem with that. “

Well, that doesn’t really explain anything.

Soon after Eminem took his knee as Colin Kaepernick, rumors swirled on social media that he had done so against the wishes of the NFL. League spokesman Brian McCarthy tried to shut down the rumours With a statement to a Sports Illustrated reporter and former NFL network employee Albert Breer.

“The report was wrong,” McCarthy said. “We saw all the elements of the show during several training sessions this week.”

McCarthy’s statement also failed to address whether or not the NFL had explicitly signed off on Eminem’s protest movement. It’s better for the league to leave things vague and move on.

Eminem’s decision to kneel in the Super Bowl has been the subject of speculation. (Valerie McConne/AFP via Getty Images)

The rumored premise was a stretch to begin with, suggesting that Eminem reached out to the NFL for permission to kneel and was told no – and then did it anyway. Why would Eminem ask for permission instead of doing it, you know?

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Which brings us to the most likely scenario. It’s possible that Eminem did it instead of going through an official application process and then ignoring the league’s wishes. Because what would the NFL have done about it when he was on stage, even if he didn’t like the league leaders?

Once done, it’s done. And the NFL, which is constantly changing its stance on kneeling to meet the widest possible call, prefers that we all move on.

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