Eurovision 2022. Moldova did not give any points to Romania, despite singing along with the Unionist message

The Republic of Moldova did not give Romania any points in Eurovision, despite giving it a song with the Unionist message in the 2022 edition.

The Zdob and Zdub and Advahov brothers performed the song “Trenuleśul”, which speaks of the brotherly intimacy between Chisinau and Bucharest. In the lyrics of the song: “Old Country, New Country / It’s Like One, It’s Like Two”.

However, the Moldovan arbitral tribunal awarded no points to the Roman WRS representative and his song Lamem.

Voter for Jury of the Republic of Moldova at Eurovision 2022

Instead, the tribunal awarded 12 points to Ukraine, 10 to England, 8 to Sweden, 7 to Switzerland, 6 to Australia, 5 to Estonia, 4 to Belgium, 3 to Spain, two to Portugal and one to Azerbaijan.

At the same time, Romania did not give any points to the Republic of Moldova, but the Romanian vote was counted not by the country’s arbitral tribunal, but by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The reason given by the EBU There would have been an “irregular” voting process Judges from six countries, including Romania.

What the European Broadcasting Union has to say about the votes to be received from the Romanian arbitral tribunal

“After the second rehearsal of the second semi-final of Eurovision 2022, an analysis of the voting process by the arbitral tribunal conducted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Pan-European Voting Partner identified some irregular voting patterns. Six countries’ results,” he said. EBU.

“In accordance with the competitive voting mechanisms, the EBU, in conjunction with its voting partner, calculates a total alternative result for each country involved, the second semi-final and the Grand Final (calculated based on the results). There are similar voting records in other countries),” EBU added.

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Therefore, Romania’s votes to be decided by the Roman arbitral tribunal were determined by the EBU. Thus, Romania gave 12 points to Ukraine, 10 to Sweden, 8 to Great Britain, 7 to Portugal, 6 to Australia, 5 to Switzerland, 4 to Italy, 3 to the Netherlands, 2 to Greece and one to Spain.

“This process is authorized by the Independent Ballot Observer,” the EBU explained: voting officials, regardless of whether such votes affect the results and / or the outcome of the poll.

Mihai Tristariu shocked by the lack of votes between Romania and the Republic of Moldova at Eurovision 2022

Singer Mihai Tristaryu, who finished fourth on Eurovision in 2006, was surprised. Voting results From the final of the tournament held in Turin.

“But it seems strange to me – Moldova sang about the connection between Chisinau and Bucharest. So … about the brotherhood between Moldova and Romania !!! We gave them zero. They gave us … zero. I have never seen anything like this in my life!” He shouted.

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Eurovision 2022 Finals. Ukraine won. Romania was ranked 18th and the Republic of Moldova was ranked 7th

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