Exclusive Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin, what is on the list of banned persons in the EU / the eighth set of sanctions against Russia

Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin, who promotes Eurasianism and some quasi-Nazi theories regarding Russian identity, is on a new list of 30 people and 7 organizations sanctioned by the EU, European sources told G4Media.

Ambassadors from EU member states reached an agreement on sanctions on Thursday, and the EU Council will adopt the eighth set of measures on Friday, according to an announcement by the EU’s Czech rotating president.

These new sanctions against Russia, triggered by the continuation of its invasion of Ukraine, include measures to establish a maximum price ceiling for Russian oil exported to third countries, aimed at reducing revenues for the Kremlin regime.

The price ceiling will be implemented by the EU in cooperation with member countries of the G7, a group of the world’s most industrialized nations.

Other sanctions targeted by the EU include steel and iron products from Russia, but also new types of electronic technologies that are banned from being exported to Russia.

The 30 people banned from EU territory are government officials from Russia, artists who supported the invasion of Ukraine and representatives of Moscow in the occupied territories.

According to European sources consulted by G4Media, several Russian companies will be sanctioned with trade sanctions and account freezes.

environment. An analysis published by the Financial Times in August showed that Alexander Dugin, a Russian nationalist turned international spokesman for the far-right, had grown to wield global influence. Dughin and his sponsor, the Russian banker Konstantin Malofeev, developed ties with far-right parties such as Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s League, and France’s National Assembly—maintaining these links through conferences, lectures, and meetings organized in Russia and Western Europe. FT.

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In his 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics, required reading at Russia’s Military Academy, Dukin argued that “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning.”

In August, his daughter Daria Dukina, a radical nationalist journalist, was assassinated by a car bomb near Moscow. Many believe Dugin is actually the target.

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