Famous Italian stylist Nino Cerutti has passed away

Famous Italian stylist Nino Cerutti has died at the age of 91. He died at a hospital in Versailles, Piedmont (northwest Italy), where he underwent pelvic surgery, according to the Courier della Serra website.

“One of the biggest Italian entrepreneurs is leaving,” said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gilberto Piccetto.

Nino Cerutti introduced the “casual chic” style of high quality men. In 1967, Nino Cheruti was the first designer to launch his own high-end menswear label in Paris.

“Having style is about connecting culture with art,” says Nino Cheruti, who avoids sophistication at any cost.

Born in Piello on September 25, 1930, he was forced to abandon philosophy at the age of 20 after the death of his father, Silvio, who gave up his dream of owning a family textile factory and becoming a journalist. .

In the 1960s, Cerutti met four-year-old Giorgio Armani and hired him as a menswear designer. Following Armani’s decision to invent his own fashion house in 1975, Tandem, which delves deeper into the fashion world, split a decade later.

Nino Cerutti was also the official designer of the Ferrari team at Formula 1 racing.

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