The attacker was killed and all four hostages were released. The man demanded the release of “Mrs. Al Qaeda” terrorist from prison.

Update 6.45: The attacker was killed by law enforcement and all four hostages have been released and are safe, CNN reported. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in Afghanistan, demanding the release of al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Afia Siddiqui, who was sentenced to 86 years in prison for plotting to assassinate US troops.

Initial article: U.S. officials say a man has been taken hostage during a prayer service at a synagogue near Fort Worth, Texas, citing AP. Kollywood police have taken to Twitter to say that special operations are underway at the Beth Israel Chapel and that residents of the area have been evacuated.

The prayers were broadcast live on the Facebook page for a while, with the local Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper noting that talks were taking place between the hostages and police. During the live broadcast I heard from time to time a nervous man talking nervously about religion.

Before 2 p.m., the person said, “You have to do something. I do not want to see this guy die.” After a while, the broadcast stopped. The man mentioned his sister several times and talked about Islam, but he also used obscene words. It is not known if he was armed or how many people were in the synagogue.

Colliville is a community of about 26,000 people, about 23 miles from Fort Worth. (Photo: Politia Colliville)

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