Far-right Geert Wilders announces a new agreement for the Dutch government – Politico

The agreement still needs the approval of the parliamentary factions of the four parties. Also, choosing a new prime minister may pose a last-minute obstacle.

The announcement caps nearly six months of fraught talks between the four parties, which at one point saw the leader of the National Security Council withdraw and their open spats on social media pique the interest of the Dutch public.

But by making some concessions, including agreeing that he will not become prime minister, Wilders – the surprise winner of last year’s election – appears to have finally managed to reach an agreement.

Wilders’ victory is widely seen as a harbinger of the rise of the far right in next month’s European Parliament elections. His inclusion as a major force in the new government is expected to pose a challenge to officials in Brussels, given his Eurosceptic and anti-immigration stances.

Wilders added: “If it succeeds, this could be considered a historic day.” Tell Dutch radio NOS on Wednesday morning before the announcement. “Being the largest party in government is something you can only dream of as a party leader and it is good for our voters.”

With the other three party leaders also choosing to remain in parliament rather than serve as ministers, much remains unknown about who will form the next Dutch government.

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