Fears of ‘modern weapon’ being used after ‘pillars of light’ in the sky in Russia What they really were

On the evening of October 4, photos from Belgorod circulated on Russian social media, showing pillars of yellow light rising into the sky, fueling rumors of a war weapon being used. Medusa.io.

As Belgorod is located near the border with Ukraine, speculations that it might somehow be related to the war began to appear on social media. In recent months, flashes and lightning have been seen repeatedly over the city – basically, they are associated with air defense systems.

Others said the Russian military could use some sort of “new weapon.” “Today, the latest weapons of the Russian Federation were used for the first time. Due to the circumstances, we did not have a chance to find out, but many people saw the glow from the sky today,” said “Army Commander” Andrei Rudenko. He posted on his Telegram channel a link to a RIA Novosti note published on the night of October 4, “Russia Conducts Tests of Foreign Satellites, Defense Ministry Says.”

Comments appeared in anonymous Telegram channels about what happened as a result of the use of the “Perezvet” laser.

The laser weapon was announced by President Vladimir Putin in March 2018. According to the Ministry of Defense, in the same year, “Perezvet” took over the experimental combat mission. No information on the properties of “Peresvet” has yet been disclosed; This laser is capable of blinding enemy satellite reconnaissance systems, but nothing has been reported about their actual use or successful tests.
At the same time, on October 4, reports of a similar glow began to appear in other cities – in particular, in Moscow.

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But the Phobos Meteorological Center explained what happened was a common atmospheric phenomenon known as a halo – a secondary glow around a light source. A solar pillar is one of the most common types of halo. It is formed due to the refraction of light in ice crystals suspended in the air and can be seen in calm wet weather in winter when the sun is at a certain angle to the horizon or by a bright light on the ground.

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