Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has apologized for a photo of two topless women kissing in her official residence.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has apologized after a photo of her kissing topless in her official residence went viral on social media. BBC. In a photo taken at a private party, the two women are photographed kissing their breasts with a sign reading Finland.

The film comes days after the Prime Minister dismissed allegations that he leads an excessive party lifestyle. Sanna Marin recently took a drug test – and it came back negative.

A recent photo featuring the two well-known influencers was taken at the Prime Minister’s residence in July and was widely shared on social media on Tuesday.

Sanna Marin apologized, admitting that “the photo was inappropriate.”

On Monday, Sanna Marin said she was at her official Helsinki home, Kesaranta, after July’s Ruisrock music festival. The photo was taken in a downstairs toilet used by guests, Finnish media reported.

“We took a sauna, swam and spent time together,” said Sanna Marin. “Such a photograph should not have been taken, otherwise nothing unusual happened in this meeting,” he added.

At the age of 36, Sanna Marin took office in 2019, making her the world’s youngest Prime Minister.

The current political drama surrounding Finland’s bid to join the NATO military alliance comes amid Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Despite criticism from some parts of Finnish society, Sanna Marin does not hide the fact that she tries to live a normal life, going to clubs with friends and attending music festivals like July.

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But in recent weeks, pressure from his peers and political opponents has intensified after a video surfaced of him dancing and partying.

He agreed to a drug test after senior opposition politicians said there was “a shadow of doubt” over him.

On Monday, the government announced that the test was negative.

Like many EU member states, Helsinki has supported restrictions on tourist visas for Russians, as many of them continue to cross into Finland through Russia’s long border in the east.

But recent revelations have put the spotlight on the prime minister’s personal life rather than his political agenda.

The reaction in Finland was mixed.

Deputy Prime Minister Annika Sariko recognized the wall in the photo as the Prime Minister’s residence and suggested that the lifestyle conveyed in the photo did not match the experience of many Finns struggling with the cost of living crisis.

But she added that it was not her place to be the “moral guardian” of others.

Meanwhile, many ordinary Finns have voiced their support for the prime minister.

Many posted photos on social media of them dancing and partying in support.

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