Florentin Hoffmann’s “Double Duck” shrinks in Hong Kong


June 10, 2023 | 11:39 a.m

The situation made the mood out of a fun day.

One of two giant rubber ducks on display at Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong as part of an art installation contraction on Saturday.

Two rubber approximately 60 ft “Double Ducks” – who even had them their Instagram handle – It was unveiled on Friday and is scheduled to float in port for two weeks.

“It’s a pity. I thought at first I could see two rubber ducks,” said Moon Lam, 72, who came to the harbor wearing rubber duck clothes and accessories.

The creation is the brainchild of the Dutch artist Florentine Hoffmanwho specializes in large urban art installations.

He has created pieces featuring penguins, monkeys, and bears, but his work with ducks is by far the most popular.

The bright yellow trumpet is part of a series he has brought around the worldStarting in the Netherlands in 2007, it has continued in places like France, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Belgium, Australia, China and Azerbaijan.

One visited New York waters in 2015, when it showed up at the annual Oyster Bay Oyster Festival.

Double Ducks is part of a worldwide series of installations by Dutch artist Florentin Hofmann.
Courtesy AllRightsReserved/SWNS

Hoffman’s work last visited Hong Kong in 2013, when he placed a single duck in Victoria Harbour.

Before deflating, he hoped his work would once again bring joy to the city.

“I hope it will bring as much fun as it has in the past and in a world where we have suffered from a pandemic, wars and a political situation, I think this is the right moment to get double luck back,” he said.

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It is still not clear what caused the duck to shrink.
Xinhua / Cipa USA

The floating sculptures are made of PVC and are inflated by a fan on a support barge.

It was not immediately clear what caused the duck to limp on Saturday.

Some onlookers saw a silver lining in the incident.

“We were hoping to see two ducks, but it’s also nice to have a deflated one,” said tourist Tiffany Chen. “Maybe because it’s very hot in Hong Kong.”

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