Fortnite raises $100 million for Ukraine in nine days

When Epic Games originally announced that it would raise money for the people of Ukraine by donating proceeds from Fortnite sales, many assumed they would end up raising huge money. Now, with just over a week under their belt, they’ve hit another impressive feat.

Epic Games owns Advertise on Twitter It raised $100 million for Ukrainians affected by the latest Russian invasion, a number that surpasses the company’s previous achievement by a very large margin. On March 22, about two days after the donation campaign began, the company reported that it had done so Raising 50 Million Dollars.

With the start of the third chapter, the second season, the developer Epic Games announced All proceeds from Fortnite will be donated to four organizations in an effort to help raise funds for Ukraine. Now, the company has also confirmed that it will be making a donation to World Central Kitchen as well, in addition to other previously announced organizations.

The campaign will run until April 3rd, which means there is only less than a week left before the end date. Xbox has also joined Epic In compliance, he confirmed that all proceeds from Fortnite purchases on the Microsoft Store will also be donated to Ukraine.

With all this time left, there is no doubt that Epic will continue to raise more money. The company confirmed today that it will make a file The “No Build” mode in the game is permanentalong with the standard game modes, which means that all new players acquired at the start of the season may still stay a little longer.

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