Germany blocks €9 billion in EU financial aid to Ukraine / only €1 billion approved

German Finance Minister Christian Linder is blocking a 9 billion euro financial tranche from the European Union to Ukraine, suggesting that so far the official has agreed to pay only 1 billion euros. Corriere della SeraIt cites its own sources.

According to the newspaper, the German finance minister opposes the allocation of funds to Ukraine through the common European loan, which was in place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, the Ukrainian government has repeatedly announced a monthly budget deficit of $5 billion, and this funding has been requested from partners.

In September, Linder justified his position because Ukraine defaulted on 900 million euros in foreign debt. According to journalists of the publication, the delay in cleaning may be one of the reasons for the dismissal of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk. However, this is not true: earlier, Bild portal said that the ambassador will move to a new position – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian News Agency reported. Union.

The European Commission has proposed sending a 9 billion euro financial aid package to Kyiv in the spring. The passage was endorsed by the heads of state of the EU member states.

The European Commission offered to pay Ukraine an interest-free loan with a maturity of 25 years from funds raised by issuing bonds on the market under the guarantee of European countries.

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The first tranche of European aid worth €1 billion was approved by the European Parliament on July 7.

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