Greek tourism minister, unexpected announcement. When does the tourist season end in Greece in 2022?

Greece Compared to 2019, there is more interest from tourists. Thus, Mykonos and Rhodes have grown by 29%, Chania by 26%, Heraklion by 23%, Santorini by 20% and Thessaloniki by 19% with Halkidiki, while Athens is also the most preferred. Urban tourism, third place.

With Greece among the top ten European tourist destinations that saw the biggest increase compared to 2019, Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kigilias is keen for his country to attract foreign visitors.

The island of Thassos is a very popular choice for Romanians.

“Thassos is full, we put Kastoria on the tourist map, where I will go tomorrow. Epirus – a few years ago the poorest region in Europe – has become a destination for winter trips, weekends and in summer, Ioannina, Metsovo, Aristi, Papigo. These alternative places we Aegina has 92% occupancy and the tourist season in the Peloponnese, apparently, goes until November.

Tour operators in Germany and France are asking for packages for October, November and December. This year the tourism season will end in December,” the minister said.

“There are magical holidays everywhere in Greece for all wallets. Let me tell you a personal experience: Karpathos is in the southeast of the Aegean Sea between Rhodes and Crete. It has 110 beaches, it is a magical island. It has very cheap accommodation. Our beautiful country has a lot of options, ” said Vasilis Kigilias.

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