Holiday January 18 – Two important saints are on the Orthodox calendar today

St. Iyer. Athanasius and Cyril, Archbishops of Alexandria

Greek Catholic
St. Apr. Athanasius and Cyril

Roman Catholic
Holy. Prisca, M.

Saints Athanasius and Cyril, Archbishops of Alexandria, celebrate January 18 on the Orthodox Christian calendar.

St. Athanasius was a native of Alexandria, Egypt, and lived during the reigns of several emperors, from Constantine the Great (306-337) to Valence (364-378).

He received a solid education and became a clergyman through the patriotic Alexander, who succeeded in teaching the church in Alexandria.

St. Athanasius was elected to the ranks, but was exiled from the city five times because of his constant fighting with Aryan fanatics, including the clergy.

In that great storm of turmoil and turmoil caused by the Aryan betrayal, the anti-Trinitarian heresy that claimed that the Son had no equal in nature and that he was “born” between the two persons of the Holy Trinity “and” created, “the son of inferiority”, the patriarchs in the centers of the Church: Jerusalem Maximus (33) -350), Alexander of Constantinople (327-337) and Athanasius of Alexandria (328-373), who, though exiled, never left the leadership of the Church, with the word and writing leading to the right faith.

St. Athanasius ascended to heaven after 46 years as pastor and after much hard work and hard work for true faith. Eventually, after several expulsions, he had some peace and quiet at the pastoral meeting, and then went on to his parents, patriots, prophets, apostles, martyrs, and confessors; Because he must be like them on earth.

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St. Athanasius is said to have played on the beach doing what he saw in the church when he was a boy, and for the children, having chosen him bishop, he brought with him other Greek children who were not yet baptized. He then baptized them with water from the sea, recited the words of the sacrament of Holy Baptism, and added some teachings, childish understanding.

The Patriot of Alexandria learned of this and invited all these children with their “bishop” and asked them what they were doing in their games on the beach. They also told how Athanasius was ordained a bishop and how he baptized Greek children.

The Patriots examined them in detail and confirmed that everything was done according to the rules of the Church. So, in consultation with his clergy, the patriot considered it good to baptize children, anointed him and strengthened him.

* St. Cyril was the heir to the patriotic Theophilus in the patriarchal view of Alexandria.

As a step, he confronted those who supported the policy against Nestorian religions, which was spread throughout the Christian world by the patriotic Nestorius of Constantinople. He said that Christ was “only man, not God,” and called the Mother of God not the Mother of God, but the “Mother of Christ.”

Following these controversies, Emperor Theodosius II convened the Third Ecumenical Council in Ephesus (431), which, after lengthy deliberations, removed Nestorius from his seat and deported him. (Source: Vol. “The Lives of the Saints”)

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