“I look like a shark from a horror movie.” The dream of a young man who paid 3,500 euros for veneers in Turkey

A young man has issued a stark warning to those considering going abroad for veneers after his dental treatment deteriorated.

Manchester-based model Jack James decided to get false teeth last September to look better on camera. He traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, where he paid €3,500 for a set of veneers, reports said. Glass.

Initially, the 22-year-old was happy with the results, but after a few months she started bleeding and had to see an emergency dentist.

“They were fine until they started bleeding and hurting. They started oozing and oozing. My breath smelled bad,” Jack said.

After an examination, he was told his teeth were in poor condition and would cost €23,000 to repair.

“I went to the emergency dentist and got an X-ray. My teeth were a disaster and the dentist told me I had an infection,” she explained.

Unable to afford the high costs in England, a frustrated Jack contacts the clinic in Turkey again to see if they can help him.

“It’s not their fault, I have to pay again,” he said.

Jack received an offer of €5,200 to repair them and decided to return to Turkey in June 2023 to remove and refit the blankets.

“They took out all my teeth and pus and put in temporary dentures. It took several weeks to get rid of the infection,” he said.

He says he was shocked to find his real teeth filed down and looking like shark teeth. Jack then got a new set of veneers and returned to the UK in June – but the problems weren’t over.

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He said a crown “dislodged” while brushing, leaving a hole between the teeth.

“It was like something out of a horror movie,” explained the young model.

Jake now urges others to do their research before going abroad for dental treatment: “I feel so angry with myself. I feel like I’m pulling all my teeth out.

Jack is not alone in this experience, as one in four Britons struggle to get a dental appointment in the UK, prompting desperate patients to pay for treatment abroad, the source said.

“The increase in the number of patients coming to Turkey from the UK is truly incredible and shows no sign of abating. The crisis in the public health system is causing Britons to seek treatment in other countries. We have seen some real horror stories, including a patient who lost almost all his teeth in a traffic accident but received treatment from the National Health Service. Couldn’t get it,” Tentake president Dr Kule Ake said. GlassIn a separate investigation.

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