Titan Sub, Greek Migrant Boat: The response has been criticized as disproportionate

The missing Titanic submarine, which was carrying five passengers to the wreck of the Titanic, has captured the world’s attention.

Details emerged about each passenger on board, their reasons for going and their fears of the submarine. The outpouring of sympathy and support on social media has cheered the men, who each spent $250,000 to explore the giant shipwreck.

But many on social media are calling out the disproportionate response to the submarine Titan compared to the recent tragedy off the coast of Greece, where a boat carrying between 400 and 750 migrants capsized. Only 104 people were rescued, 82 were found dead and the rest are missing.

what do you know:The death toll from migrant boats has risen to 82 as Greece criticized its response to an overturned boat

This photo released by the Greek Coast Guard on June 14, 2023 shows an aerial view taken from a rescue helicopter, of migrants on board a fishing trawler in the waters off the coast of Peloponnese, Greece on June 13, 2023. At least 79 migrants subsequently died.  Greece's coast guard said their fishing boat sank off the Peloponnese River, with fears mounting that the death toll could rise much higher.

Two different responses

The US Coast Guard deployed a search unlike most others to find the missing Titan submarine.

Five ships have been searching the ocean surface, and five more are expected to join, Capt. Jamie Frederick, Coast Guard First Response Coordinator, said Wednesday. Several private vessels are also at the site, including a research vessel from the Bahamas.

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