I won’t do a wedding because I look good in a white dress – the event of the day

Lily Sandu, host of Pro TV’s “Worpeste Lumia”, was one of the stars who walked the line at the Atypical Beauty Anniversary Gala last night. Among other things, she told why she didn’t marry her son’s father, Sylvie Tolu, but where she was going to celebrate her birthday.

Lily Sandhu declares herself a complete woman, especially on a personal level. The actress has been in a relationship with former model Sylvie Tolu since 2015. The two met in Istanbul, where he was doing research for his blog and Lily was on vacation with a friend. Sylvie Tolu is 12 years younger than Lily Sandhu.

Lily Sandhu received the engagement ring

But he says they didn’t move forward because the pandemic ruined all their wedding plans. However, the actress says that this is not an important thing for them. Also, Lily Sandu admitted that she is not really married and that’s why she didn’t think about it. Even so, the former actress announced that a civil wedding would take place, but for her and Sylvie, the event was just a formality.

On the birthday, Lily Sandhu said: Sylvie prepared a surprise for me, which I already found out. He said he was going to take me to Istanbul, where we met, he asked me to marry him, and now we are going there, maybe the three of us will go back. Not yet, because we have plans, but you never know.

Why didn’t Lily Chandu marry her son’s father?

Asked if she would get married one day, Lily Sandhu said: “I won’t get married because I’m pretty in a white dress, but there were so many events. We thought about getting married when Sylvie asked me to be his wife, but the epidemic came and then I got pregnant and it just dragged on.” .

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The thing is, I have enough friends who have recently organized their own weddings that even if they haven’t dealt with it and have had to choose some things, organizing a wedding seems like an ordeal.

I feel like you have to have time and energy, which Sylvie and I don’t have at the moment, which means time is precious, and when we have free time there, we use it to hang out with Thomas.

We’re kind of taken anyway, I mean, I don’t know, an act isn’t that important anymore, but of course we want to celebrate it and celebrate our love with friends and family. “Whenever it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen,” Lily Sandhu explained impact.ro.

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