Zelda Tears of the Kingdom PSA: Here’s How to Import Your Breath from Wild Horses

As a sequel to Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom of course has many connections to its predecessor from the world the game is set in to its characters in its story. But he also has a very tangible connection: He reads your Breath of the Wild save data, and uses that data in Tears of the Kingdom to a feature we’re all surprisingly affected by.

Warning: spoilers for what this feature kicks in is below the video. Read at your own risk!

Like Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom includes horses that you can hunt, tame, and ride around the fields of Hyrule. In fact, we have an in-depth guide to walk you through in our wiki section. But one nice feature of Tears of the Kingdom horses is that the game will read your Breath of the Wild save data, and will allow Link to import any horses he has tamed in Breath of the Wild once he visits a stable.

You’ll need to download save data on your current console for this to work, so if you’re playing on a different Switch, you’ll have to make sure you upload your data to the cloud and then download it to your current device, or manually transfer it. Make sure to use your same profile as before too! But once you’re there, you can visit any stable in Kingdom’s Tears and talk to the guy behind the counter to see what horses you’ve ridden there. Their names will be saved and customized as well.

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So if you have fond memories of the horse you rode to defeat Ganon six years ago, good news: It’s still here waiting for Link all this time later. Thanks, my friend.

For more Kingdom Tears content and guides, we’ve got you covered. You can check out our review of Tears of the Kingdom, which we called “an unfathomable follow-up to one of the greatest games ever made, and somehow improves on just about every way.” And for help with all things Kingdom Tears, take a look at our Kingdom Tears walkthrough and guide on making your way through Hyrule, in fact, you can start here:

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