In the middle of her own wedding, a bride pulls out a gun and starts shooting. After the event she ran away and the Indian police chased her

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In the middle of her own wedding, a bride pulls out a gun and starts shooting Photo: Getty Images

Police are searching for a woman who opened fire in the middle of a party on her wedding day in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The moment was filmed again The video went viral on social media and distributed vigorously, thus reaching the police as well. The video shows the bride standing next to her new husband and firing four gunshots into the sky BBC.

Soon after the event, the bride disappeared.

The local police said they have registered a criminal case against the woman, who is currently wanted across the state.

Although the woman’s gesture was gratifying, such demonstrations are banned in India. In some Arab states and in northern India, there is a custom of firing guns on holidays. But these incidents often result in people being injured or even killed.

According to the laws now in force in India, a person who uses a firearm on holidays and endangers others is liable to imprisonment or fine or both.

In 2016, the Uttar Pradesh High Court ruled that every such case should be investigated, even if no complaint is lodged with the police.

According to Times of India, the bride was filmed by a relative who later posted the clip on social media. Police told the same source that the woman fled fearing arrest.

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