“Invasion of Ukraine is an outrage for Vladimir Putin” – Former Ukrainian Defense Minister / He thinks he can attack Russia / What can stop Putin?

Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrii Zagorodniuk says in an interview Presented to Al Jazeera Russian President Vladimir Putin will “try to capture Ukraine” as long as he is alive.

Andrii ZagorodniukPhoto: mil.gov.ua

Zagorodniuk was the Minister of Defense of Ukraine from 2019 to 2020 and now serves as co-founder and chairman of the Defense Thought Group on Defense Strategies.

“It simply came to our notice then. After the end of military exercises in Belarus after February 20, [Rusia] They have to decide what to do, so let’s see if they can stay or leave. We have not seen a significant reduction so far, ”said Zakorodny, according to Western leaders.

How long will this crisis last:

  • Zakorotnyk believes it will be difficult, as he will try to capture Ukraine as long as President Putin is alive. “It’s his passion and he seems determined to do it one way or another.”

How can Putin be stopped?

  • “Unfortunately, if not put in a difficult situation by the domestic and international community, we do not see a resolution. We can only talk about the current crisis after February 20.

Andrei Zakorotnyuk in Donbass (Photo: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense)

If there is an attack on Ukraine, what kind of form can it take?

  • “It simply came to our notice then. Russia has always had many options open to it and never had a plan for it.
  • “We see serious tensions in the east of the country, which we have been saying has been our concern since November. We think there may be an expansion, in fact it happened last night.
  • “The second concern is the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov. An attack could take place there and now it is mobilizing huge forces there – more warships than ever before in history,” the former minister said.Al Jazeera.
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State Secretary Anthony Blingen released the clearest statement to date on Thursday At the same time, the United States believes that Russia has decided to invade Ukraine in a few days and will present its views on how to start such a war. According to Axios.

U.S. intelligence indicates that Russia has massacred more than 150,000 troops near Ukraine and is preparing to launch a large-scale “invasion” involving ground forces, aircraft and ships in the coming days, Blinken told the UN Security Council. The capital, Kiev.

Blingen said US intelligence says Russia’s attack will take place in several stages, beginning with a fabricated pretext.

  • This could include a “violent incident” instigated by Russia or a “slanderous accusation” against Ukraine, Blingen said.
  • He cited the possibility of a “terrorist attack inside Russia, the discovery of a mass grave, a drone strike against civilians or a real chemical weapons attack.”
  • “Russia can describe this event as a genocide or genocide. It executes an idea that we do not take lightly in this room,” Blingen said.

Second, Blinken warned that “high levels of the Russian government could dramatically convene emergency meetings to resolve the so-called crisis.”

  • As Moscow did in Georgia in 2008, Blingen said, “the government will issue notices that Russia must respond to protect Russian citizens or ethnic Russians in Ukraine.”
  • He said the Russian media would work to increase anger among the people and had already begun to do so.

Third, Blinken said the attack would start with Russian missiles and Russian bombing, communications and cyber-attacks across Ukraine aimed at shutting down “major Ukrainian companies.”

  • “After that, Russian tanks and soldiers will advance towards targets already identified and drawn up in detailed plans,” Kiev said.
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