Joe Biden broke down in tears when he met the priest who was with his son Beau before he died

Joe Biden broke down in tears on the final day of his four-day trip to Ireland after meeting the priest who was by his son Beau’s side before his death in 2015.

Father Richard Gibbons, parish priest of Our Lady’s Shrine in Knock, said Father Frank O’Grady, who was at the head of Beau Biton, visited Knock. America.

“It happened – it was somewhat spontaneous – we worked here at the altar, the priest who was in America with his son”, said the priest, according to, which quotes The Guardian.

“Absolutely amazing, I didn’t even know that, I didn’t know until the president came. He laughed, he cried, you could (see) how deeply he felt, and it meant everything to him. It was an extraordinary afternoon. I’ll never forget it, it was absolutely I can tell it’s different,” he told the BBC.

According to O’Grady’s reports, Biden invited him to the White House on his next visit to the United States.

The President later said he was deeply affected by the meeting. “It was incredible to see him,” Biden said during his final speech in Ireland, according to The Washington Post.

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