Joe Biden has promised to send more US troops to Romania and Poland if Russia invades Ukraine.

One year after taking office, US President Joe Biden has said that the United States will increase its military presence in NATO member states such as Poland and Romania in the east if Russia invades Ukraine.

Asked if he was considering withdrawing US troops from NATO’s east, President Biden clarified that “there is no room for that.”

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“It simply came to our notice then. In fact, if Russia decides to invade Ukraine, we will increase our military presence in Poland, Romania and other countries. Because we have a sacred commitment to protect these countries Article 5. They are members of NATO. ”

Biden also rejected the idea that his administration would withdraw troops from former Warsaw Pact member states, which are now part of the coalition, in order to reach an agreement with Russia to reduce tensions, which have amassed about 127,000 troops carrying military equipment. Border with Ukraine.

Commenting on Vladimir Putin’s intention to launch an armed attack on Ukraine, Joe Biden said, “I do not know what he wants to do. He is going to attack. I think he must do something.”

Late last year, Russia made public its demands for restricting US military influence in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, which were sent to NATO and the United States. NATO will no longer accept new members of the alliance and will not place any military bases or weapons in the former Warsaw Pact countries that are now part of the alliance.

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American publicationSafety and security Defense One writes aEastern European Relations In recent years, they have been trying to increase the number of US troops on their borders in a broader defensive effort against Russia. In 2018, Poland a Proposed In exchange for the permanent establishment of troops in the country, the military base named after President Donald Trump, Lithuania Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, is investing millions of euros in its military facilities to try to establish a rotating position for US troops amid growing fears of misconduct.

Romania has repeatedly argued that it is necessary to increase the US military presence in eastern NATO.

By the way, Foreign Minister Bokhton Aurescu stressed the need Strengthening the level of prevention and safety At the Extraordinary Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on January 7, 2022, NATO’s coherent and comprehensive approach to the entire East, including the Black Sea.

The diplomat’s message in Bucharest was, in fact, a renewal of his call during his official visit to Washington in November 2021 that he “should increase the US military presence in the region, not just in Romania.” As part of a Black Sea conservation strategy.

A few days later, Minister Bogton argued with Ares In an intervention on Digi24 The US administration is preparing a defense strategy for the Black Sea, and Romania wants to participate in the expansion of this strategy. Among other things, Romania wants the United States to send more troops to the region, but it needs adequate infrastructure, the foreign minister said two months ago.

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He stressed that the United States could finance the construction of a railway connecting the port of Gdansk in Poland with the port of Constanta, and a road link from the north to the south where troops and equipment could be. Shipped as needed. Easily, said Bogdan Aurescu.

The diplomat explained that the request came in the context of Russia’s increasing occupation of the east.

Furthermore, at the annual meeting with the Heads of Recognized Diplomatic Missions in Bucharest on January 12, 2022, President Klaus Iohanis stressed that Romania was concerned about the security situation in Ukraine, which was created by the “massive” deployment of Russian troops. Implications for Euro-Atlantic stability: “Increasing US military presence in Romania is an important goal.”

At the same time, In early December, A A US official will send additional troops to the “eastern part of NATO” if Russia invades Ukraine, while imposing “severe” sanctions.

“If Putin acts (in Ukraine), it will largely seek to increase our military presence from our eastern (NATO) allies, and the United States will respond by bringing in new forces and capabilities to ensure combat and military training. The security of our allies,” The U.S. official said in a statement.

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In a letter Romanian Ambassador to the United States Andre Murar sent on October 26 to the US Senate Subcommittee on European and Regional Security that the Romanian ambassador said that in addition to economic and diplomatic efforts, Romania was already spending $ 3 billion to expand its aircraft. Mihail Kog─âlniceanu, can hold many American and Allied troops.

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Romania’s main recommendation is that the Allies develop a comprehensive strategy for the Black Sea, and the next plan is to transform our country into one. Center For large joint exercises, military equipment and new troops. Currently, NATO’s advanced presence in the region is limited to one headquarters in Romania.

“Reliable prevention can only be ensured by a strong presence, which will increase the US military presence in Romania, in all areas – on land, in the air and at sea – including the U.S. command and control system,” he said. In a letter sent by Ambassador Muraru.

It is necessary to systematically and systematically protect the eastern part of NATO from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, by implementing an enhanced presence on the entire side, which will ensure strong defenses and minimize current vulnerabilities. Undeniable discouragement in the Black Sea region “, it is shown in the letter.

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