One pilot refused to finish his race because his lap was over

A Pakistani driver refused to finish the race because his lap was over. The pilot had to make an emergency landing at another airport due to the weather, so the flight time would have been extended beyond his working hours.

The man’s plane took off from the Saudi capital Riyadh on Sunday and was scheduled to land in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on the same day. Due to bad weather, the pilot made an emergency landing in Dammam and refused to continue his journey, claiming that his work schedule was over.

The pilot’s refusal created confusion among the passengers and they started rioting on the plane.

The airline invited passengers and the pilot to stay in a hotel until the issue was resolved, he writes The Independent.

“A pilot must rest for the safety of the aircraft. All passengers will arrive at Islamabad Airport at 11 pm, by which time all hotel arrangements have been made, ”said a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The PIA announced earlier this month that it would operate 35 flights to Saudi Arabia each week after South Arabia lifted travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Author: IC

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