Kanye West is dropping Kid Cody from the album due to her friendship with Pete Davidson

Kanye West draws a line in the sand, as the artist cuts Frequent collaborator Kid Cody from the upcoming album “DONDA 2”, due to his friendship with Pete Davidson, current boyfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex-Yi.

“Just so everyone knows, CUDI WILL NOT BE DONDA BECAUSE HIS FRIENDS WITH YOU KNOW WHO WHO IS,” Share the 44-year-old via Instagram on a late Saturday afternoon, “We’re all talking Bailey’s language now.”

Kanye West Twitter
Kanye West has announced that he will be cutting Kid Cudi from his next album.
Twitter / @OvOBrezzzy

For those who aren’t sure if “you know who” is referring to Davidson, West later uploaded a picture of himself and Cody after Dinner with a “Saturday Night Live” player with him Scratched face.

And the West took it upon itself Share a photo edited in photoshop Inspired by the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, where he, Drake, Julia Fox, Travis Scott and Future face off against Davidson, Kardashian, Cody, Billie Eilish and old enemy Taylor Swift.

Kanye West Instagram
West shared a photoshopped image of “Captain America: Civil War” showing Cody siding with Davidson.
Instagram / @kanyewest

Finally, release the West Another modified photo About himself with J Prince and Drake “VS” Cudi and Davidson, titled “Who Would Win?”

Rather than bite his tongue, Cody took to Twitter to address his aide on “Make Her Say,” claiming that the couple had already had a private discussion on the matter.

“We talked weeks ago about this. You’re hitting to flip the text and spread this lie just to look online,” Cody 38 tweeted. “You’re not a friend. Farewell.”

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Cody later added, “God opens the door so the wrong people can get out of your life.”

Kanye West and Kid Cody
Kanye West and Kid Cody are on hiatus due to Cody’s friendship with Pete Davidson.

then took Instagram To reply, “Too bad, I don’t want to be on your album, f-kin dinosaur hahaha everyone knows I’ve been the best thing on your albums since I met you. I’m calling you my brother.”

The exchange comes a few days later from the West Billie Eilish demanded an apology On behalf of Travis Scott. The singer was not required.

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