Killed live. A former Indian politician and his brother were shot dead by men disguised as journalists

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The moment the two brothers were killed was live. Photo Source: Twitter capture

A former Indian politician convicted in a kidnapping case was shot dead along with his brother while giving a statement to the media.

Footage shows Adiq Ahmed and his brother being handcuffed and detained by police after giving statements to the media before being taken to a medical center in the northern Indian city of Prayagraj. BBC. Then, someone picked up a gun and fired from close range, killing two people.

Those pictures were shared a lot on TV channels and social media.

After the shooting, three people claiming to be journalists surrendered and were arrested by the police. They came on a motorcycle. A journalist and a policeman were also injured in the incident.

A few days ago, Ahmed’s son was shot dead by the police. The former politician was asked if he attended his son’s funeral.

Adiq Ahmed’s last words: “We were not taken, so we did not come.”

Ahmed, former MP and his brother remained in police custody and were taken to Prayagraj, where Ahmed was charged with murder and acts of violence.

The two were arrested in connection with the killing in February of Umesh Pal, a key witness in the 2005 killing of regional BSP MP Raju Pal.

Ahmed was jailed in 2019 in a kidnapping case.

Her teenage son Azad and a man killed by police this week in a shootout: both wanted in connection with a murder.

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