“La Piccoleta”, leader of the Camorra mafia clan, has been sentenced to almost 13 years in prison.

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Maria Licciardi, leader of the Camorra. Photo: Sky News

An Italian court on Wednesday sentenced the leader of the Camorra mafia clan, Maria Licciardi, nicknamed “La Piccoletta,” which translates to “the little one,” to nearly 13 years in prison, according to reports. CBS News.

Licciardi, 71, nicknamed “La Piccoletta” because of her small stature, was arrested at Rome’s Ciampino airport in August 2021 while trying to travel to Spain to visit her daughter. “She didn’t blink when officers stopped her and executed a warrant signed by the Naples prosecutor’s office,” the ANSA news agency reported at the time of her arrest.

At the time, Interior Minister Luciana Lamorquez praised “the determination of the judiciary and the police to confront the Camorra organizations that control extensive territories.” He was found guilty of being the leader of the Camorra mafia clan founded by his brothers and received a prison sentence of 12 years and eight months, ANSA reports.

After his brother Gennaro died in prison in 1994, he took over the Secondigliano clan, a suburb of Naples. Italy’s Interior Ministry also described him as the “strategic leader” of a group of families known as the “Secondigliano Alliance”. Controlling organized crime in Naples.

In 2001, Licciardi was listed among Italy’s top 30 most wanted fugitives. He had previously served eight years in prison and was released in 2009.

According to journalist Roberto Saviano, who wrote a book of the same name about the Naples mafia, Licciardi was the inspiration for the mob boss in the TV series “Gomorrah.”

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In 2017, police in Italy, Spain and Germany arrested 32 people suspected of drug trafficking and money laundering in a European operation against the Camorra clan.

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