Lech Walesa: Global security can be secured by “people’s uprising linked to Russia”.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa advocates “an uprising of the people of this Russia and the people annexed by Russia” when “the population of Russia is reduced to less than 50 million people”!

Lech WalesaPhoto: Marcin Bruniecki / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

In an interview with French TV station LCI (La Chaine Info), former Polish president and Solidarity founder Lech Walesa said that global security can be ensured “through the uprising of the people connected by Russia”. ro.

Walesa urges Western countries to not liberate Ukraine, and calls for Russia to liberate it: “Even if Ukraine wins this war, we may be in the same situation in five years, and in ten years we will see the rise of another Putin,” Lech Walesa warned.

To avoid this situation, he believes that a change in Russia’s domestic political system must be forced, and recommends “organizing the revolt of the people of this country.”

For Walesa, only one thing can ensure world security: the dismemberment of today’s Russia, which he sees as a great imperialist power: “Today 60 people are connected, like some Ukrainians. “These people must rise to war because there are only two options: either the Russian political system has completely changed, or Russia must be reduced to a population of less than 50 million,” said Lech Walesa.

The current population of the Russian Federation is about 144 million.

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