Mysterious creature with 24 eyes found in muddy pond What scientists say

Scientists in Hong Kong discovered a new type of box jellyfish in a muddy pond, which is extremely poisonous. The tiny creature comes with 24 eyes and has a body of about three inches.

A new species of jellyfish has been discovered by scientists from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in My Bo Nature Reserve.

The research team collaborated with WWF-Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong and the University of Manchester.

This member of the box jellyfish family has a body of less than three centimeters and three tentacles.

Its 24 eyes are divided into four groups of six, and the HKBU said: “Each group of six eyes is located within a sensory area called the rhopalium on each side of the bell.

Researchers believe that in each eye, two lenses allow image formation, while the other four can only sense light.

Professor Qiu said: “We named the new species Tripedalia myboensis to reflect the location where the new species was first discovered.”

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