NASA unveils a rocket that can travel to Mars within two months

NASA is working on a rocket that can transport humans to Mars within two months — Unsplash/File

NASA is currently working with a company that is developing engines capable of sending humans to Mars in two months instead of nine.

One of humanity’s greatest goals is to conquer other worlds. The new creation will accelerate our progress toward our cosmic goal, he said Universe Magazine.

Howe Industries, based in Arizona, is developing propulsion technology that could have a transformative impact. A pulsed plasma rocket would use nuclear fission, or the release of energy from the disintegration of atoms, to form plasma beams for propulsion in order to reach high speeds in a shorter period of time.

In fact, the engine produces a structured plasma jet that helps propel the rocket into orbit at speeds far greater than those currently achieved by conventional chemical engines.

The spaceship can produce up to 10 tons of thrust with a specific thrust of 5,000 seconds using a plasma propulsion system, which ensures exceptionally high fuel efficiency.

Sounds like a major breakthrough. However, this idea is not entirely new. A similar idea, dubbed PuFF, was already created by NASA in 2018. However, NASA claims that the pulsed plasma rocket is more affordable and has a clearer structure.

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