Seth Meyers toasts Linda Yaccarino and Tom Sandoval on NBCU Upfront

Seth Meyers has been an annual tradition on NBCUniversal’s Upfronts show. Just like Jimmy Kimmel at the Disney event, Myers loves to denigrate the television industry and his employer.

This year was no different, as he captured NBC, Peacock, Dick Wolf, Bravo star Tom Sandoval and former advertising executive Linda Yaccarino in a five-minute clip.

Check out the jokes below:

“Welcome to NBCU upfront. If you’re looking for Fox News upfront, this is happening outside of a lower courthouse in Manhattan.”

“What a joy it is to be back at Radio City; I asked an NBC executive, “Why do you hide out here every year?” “I like looking at the big screen and thinking, ‘Sure, this is a tough time for TV, but it could be worse, we could be in radio,'” they said.

“It’s been a very good day for me. I found $20 on the street this morning. In short, I’m a finalist for the Paramount Award.”

“It’s a good time to be me, but it’s a great time to be me [an advertiser]. It should be so much fun that everyone eventually comes back to the ad. Remember when the streamers told you, “We’re going to do TV in a new way, so I’m afraid we won’t need your little commercials anymore.” Cut after a few years, each episode Shogun It is interrupted by the “Whopper Whopper Double Whopper”.

“Upfronts is where we sell ads for NBC’s amazing lineup of shows. Well, not my show, my show airs at 12:30 a.m., so instead of upfronts, we sell our shows in outlying areas. If you want to get into the late night Come see me outside by the dumpster.

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“Given these introductions, you might think we would be honest and straightforward about everything, but that’s probably not the case. For example, I’ll tell you something: not every brand opportunity is unique. Sometimes, this is just an ordinary brand opportunity Old When you say unique brand opportunity, you sound like the guys in it Glen Ross hat; “I have a brand that’s so unique, so unique, I’m not even supposed to tell you about it,” you remember Agreed or not? She’s on an island now. How does that feel?

Agreed or not? It’s always been a great show, so I’ll admit I was surprised it was moved to an island and it did so well. I love DangerBut I don’t think I would have watched it more if it had been in the woods.

“NBC has a new drama called the Hunting party. It stars South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and the dog from Freezer“.

“I thought Kristi Noem would be good Real housewife But Andy Cohen told me it’s a lot and if he says it…

Bravo announced Vanderpump Rules spin off the valley It has been renewed for another season. They also got something from Tom Sandoval and are waiting to find out if it is contagious or not.

“How can we have it? Chicago Fire, Chicago Med And a Chicago PD And it was never there The Real Housewives of Chicago? Because no one wants to watch four women named Anne-Marie get horrific sunburns at a Cubs game.

“Speaking of Dick Wolf, Law and order It has been renewed for a twenty-fifth season. It’s been a long time coming, and the criminals from Season 1 are now eligible for parole. So look for those familiar faces.

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“It’s not just NBC, there are amazing things happening at Peacock. Peacock continues to prove that the easiest way to make a billion dollars is to spend eight dollars.

NBC is launching a new adventure competition series called Destination X. Or as it was originally titled, The Linda Yaccarino Story.

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