“Romania May Enter Suicide Club”. Russia threatens to attack Patriot installations on Romanian territory with Iskander missiles


Russia warns that we invite death if we get too involved in the Ukraine war. You’re in the suicide club, Putin’s adviser tells us. The unmistakable warning finds us in full political turmoil in Bucharest: should we send the Patriot anti-aircraft defense systems to Zelensky or not? A Romanian general, a former NATO commander, was horrified by the idea.

By Marius Gîrlaşiu on 13.05.2024, 19:15

Several parliamentarians from Germany are proposing that Romania and Poland establish their own patriot organizations on the border with Ukraine. That means Patriot batteries in both countries will shoot down missiles fired by the Russians at cities in western Ukraine. General Mircea Mindrescu, a former commander of NATO, believes that this is dangerous for our country.

A threat to Romania

Mircea Mîndrescu, NATO General: In my view we will be a party to war. Under the conditions that you enter and carry out effective combat operations on the territory of Ukraine. The increase is unusual and the chances are very high. Suppose we increase the theater of military operations because you are participating in war.

Russia reacted strongly to this. “Romania and Poland will join the suicide club if they agree to such an idea.” – A threat sounds from Moscow.

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: Our actions are justified. If they want the Ukraine war to end on a battlefield, it will be a battlefield.

Mircea Mîndrescu, NATO General: Having an ally from Western Europe is one thing. When you are on the NATO border, next to a non-burning fire, it is a different situation! How we are, how the Poles are.

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“Romania May Enter Suicide Club”

After talks with Joe Biden at the White House, Klaus Iohannis opened up to Romania to help Ukraine with a Patriot air defense system. However, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolaku has a different view.

Marcel Ciolagu: From the preliminary discussions with the Minister of Defence, it is not necessary from the point of view of the Ministry of Defence. This is a very broad analysis and this is the decision we make at CSAT. The Supreme Commander of the Army is, according to the Constitution, the President of Romania.

Klaus Iohannis: I need to discuss at home what we can offer in CSAT and what we can get in return. It is unacceptable for Romania to be without anti-aircraft defense.

General Mircea Mindrescu believes the allies will fill the void left by moving the Patriot missile battery to Ukraine.

Mircea Mîndrescu, General NATO Correspondent: You can’t remove something because the fortress is collapsing, if you don’t put something in it will fall down. It can be ground-based anti-aircraft defense systems – other missiles in Romania, air-based systems – aircraft or sea-based systems – if there is such a thing on ships.

– What can we use to combat ballistic missiles?

– It’s more complicated here, since we don’t have anything like that now.

Sonia Simeonov: Romania acquired seven patriotic organizations. Four of them were awarded. Only one is in operation. The other three will become operational by the end of next year. An anti-aircraft system costs more than a billion dollars. And a rocket can reach four million dollars. Recently, Romania signed a deal to buy 200 PAC-2 missiles for $1.1 billion. The president of Romania announced that if we donate a patriotic organization to Ukraine, it will not be an already functioning organization.

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Mircea Mindrescu, NATO General: A problem arises precisely in the security of territory – the basic element of NATO. I mean, you want to help a country under attack, fine, but at what cost? Weaken the defenses of the Allies?

Poland does not want to send patriotic organizations to Ukraine. Prime Minister Donald Tusk says anti-aircraft batteries are essential to the nation’s defense.

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