Ukraine’s Free Russia Brigade says hundreds of Russian volunteers want to join Putin’s military struggle.

The Legion of “Free Russia”, a group of Russian volunteers who joined the Ukrainian army in the war against the Russian Federation, has announced that it receives hundreds of requests every day from Russian citizens seeking to join the Russian army. The army is OK Dialog.uaQuoted by Radar.

War in Ukraine – Fighting vehicle attacked by mortarsPhoto: Twitter

In a video message released in the Telegram, members of the brigade called on the Russian military and their fellow fighters to join the volunteer force, which is approaching the conquest of Ukraine and Russia’s liberation from the dictatorial regime led by Vladimir Putin.

Representatives of the Free Russia Brigade point out that reports by Russian officials about a “special operation” in Ukraine are a farce.

“In fact, it is a large-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, which includes the destruction of cities, the destruction of civilians and the entire infrastructure of the country,” said one of the leaders of the section. He said he had witnessed the effects of Russian military atrocities in the Ukrainian cities of Irfin, Bukia and Hostomல்l in the Kiev region.

“From the Putin regime, to protect my country from this atrocity, I, like many others, decided to join the Free Russia Brigade … so they (Russians – no) will not live in fear in their own country., So that the people can live in peace” – Russian volunteers The chairman added.

He said his battalion receives about 300 applications from Russian citizens every day to join the group of volunteers.

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The militant invited the Russians to join him. “This can be done in Ukraine, by contacting the Ukrainian armed forces or in the territories of third countries, at the Ukrainian embassy. Ukraine and the Russian Federation” – said Russian volunteers.

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