Netflix’s Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth stars in an action-packed trailer

In 2020, Netflix released Chris Hemsworth’s action vehicle extraction. Directed by former stuntman Sam Hargrave, it’s one of the best Netflix original action movies to date, and one of the best action movies to follow. John Wick Mold (something other studios could learn from).

Finally, after three years, we have a trailer for the sequel. It seems rad.

We only see glimpses of some of the scenes extraction 2 Trailer, but she makes the most of it. The lead is a brawl in what looks like a snowy prison yard, previewing what looks like it would be an excellent action scene. Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake is protecting a young woman (Tinatin Dalakishvili), flashing through the air and making his way through a crowd.

Things really pick up when Tyler grabs a riot shield and completely smashes some guys in shields, stopping an incoming Molotov cocktail with the shield and culminating in him punching some guys while his arm is literally on fire.

Image: Netflix

We also see a brief clip of Hemsworth dropping a helicopter with a minigun into the snow. Well, this movie will rule.

Hargrave returns to direct extraction 2As does writer Joe Russo (whose brother is Anthony Russo, who co-wrote the first film and the graphic novel on which the films are based). Hemsworth will also be joined in this by the action legend (f John Wick Affiliate) Daniel Bernhardt, which is always good news.

extraction 2 It will be released on Netflix on June 16th.

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