New information about the incident that happened on the set of the movie “Rust”. The Santa Fe Sheriff talks about “worrying” news

A day after he released pictures and documents related to the incident in the set of the movie “Rust” in which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot photo director Halina Hutchins, the sheriff talks about some text messages from Santa Fe “real bullets” on the set CNN.

Holina Hutchins was shot dead during a rehearsal for a scene from the movie “Rust” in October 2021 and director Joel Sosa was injured. Alec Baldwin was said to be safe with a weapon, but there were actually ammunition. True.

“At this point, no one acknowledged that he was carrying bullets. There is information from some disturbing text messages, which a few months ago talked about the actual ammunition used in another movie. By “rust”, As This is worrying, “said Sheriff Aden Mendoza.

These are the shields of the film, Hannah Cutters Reid, a Submitted Ammunition supplier for previous film from 2021, In it he said he wanted to Need to shoot with real ammunition On the plateau Shooting Of that movie.

An officer From the police Told CNN News is ImportanteBecause Investigators Try to determine who carried the gunPerform routine bullet tests while he is present Responsibility And For safety on the plateauI was shooting.

Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer, Jason Bowles, told CNN he was a clientOf He wanted to shoot Real bullets To understand how the historical weapon works Used in the film, but it is Did not shoot Ammunition RealComplex Settled.

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Mendoza said he was still waiting for the FBI’s forensic reports and the Bureau’s final report. Examiner Medical.

“It simply came to our notice then Him The case will continueIt. As I said before, I think in the package There Disorder and a degree of indifference. The lawyer will decide if this is a criminal case, “said Sheriff.

He said the prosecutor would have to determine if Baldwin could be held accountable because the weapon was in his hand when it was unloaded.

U.S. police on Tuesday released footage from Rust Set, including paramedics and police officers, following Baldwin’s accidental shooting of Hutchins.

Records released Monday showed police and doctors arriving at the scene, and the camera showed efforts to rescue Hutchins.

Baldwin dressed as a cowboy would repeat a scene and hold in his hand what appeared to be the weapon that killed Hutchins.

The actor, who is the producer of the film, said he did not pull the trigger and did not know how a real bullet came to be in Santa Fe.

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